Intelligent Purification Sink Handmade SUS304

  • Intelligent Purification Sink Handmade SUS304,Higold
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Intelligent Purification Sink Handmade SUS304
  • Foshan China
  • 25-35days
  • 25,000 pcs of Handcrafted sinks per month

Latest Purification Technology, physically decomposing water molecules to generate self-purification factors, Higold Purification kitchen sink eliminating pathogenic factors with UV ultraviolet rays, no additive, no residue, no damage on nutrient.
The removal rate of pesticide residues is up to 95%, which is approved by ITS.
New design of panel drainage control on the double bowl sink, simple and easy. With nano coating, hydrophobic or oleophobic, much easier to clean.

Inborn for cleanness and perfection

Intelligent Purification Kitchen Sink for Fruits and Vegetables

Model NO.:973015


handmade sink

SUS304 Sink

Two-in-one inox sink for washing and purification

Economical, convenient and saving space

Two kitchen sinks, take only one space

One purchase, double satisfactions

Nano Handmade Sink

Hydrophobic and oleophobic, easy to clean

Intelligent Purifier

Purify food for healthier life

Food source can't be monitored

Pls. safeguard the food safety for your family, Use Higold Purification stainless steel sinks, can do.

Many families may buy water purifier, but it's hard to imagine that, illness still finds its way in by mouth even if fruits and vegetables with pesticide residues are washed with purified water. 

Physics hydro for quadruple purification in this Handmade sink

Eliminate pathogenic factors in depth

Physically decomposing of water molecules to produce self-purification factors, combined with UV, the removal of pathogenic factors, no addition, no residue, do not destroy nutrients. 

double bowl sink

handmade sink

Using Higold Purification kitchen sinks, the removal rate of pesticide residues is up to 95%

Fruits and vegetables are much cleaner and fresher

Pesticide residues are degraded thoroughly

Offering safe and healthy food for you

SUS304 Sinkdouble bowl sink

handmade sink

We will bring you unprecedented life experience through the handcrafted sink

For you with frontier technology

A New Generation of Handmade Sink

Nano Steel Handmade Sink

Hydrophobic and oleophobic for easy cleaning

With bionics method, we integrate the lyophobic character of lotus leaf into inox sink.

Water and oil will not adhere to the SUS304 sink, so cleaning problems are easily solved. 

Integration of manual craft and technology in this stainless steel handmade sink

Remember to eat healthy fruits after meal

Tableware in big bowl for washing and fruits in small bowl for purification

Healthy delicacy can be enjoyed after finishing washing

New Design of Panel Drainage Control on this double bowl sink

Considerate operation to care your tender hands 

Pulling up the button of drainage control and pressing it down to drain away water

Easier operation, no need to touch dirty or cold water

A New Generation of Safe and Intelligent Technology 

Enjoy intelligent life with one-key operation on Higold kitchen sink

Even the olds can operate it easily

One-key purification, sensitive and waterproof tempered glass screen

Feeling the flexibility of technology by touching control with finger

SUS304 Sink

The whole inox sink body is made of SUS304

Health care starts from SUS304 sink

Lead free for safe use, handmade sink is uniform in bearing stress and not easy to deform. 

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My dear, it is a great honor to invite you to visit our kitchen sink factory. It takes about 1-1.5 hours by car from Guangzhou to our factory. We can arrange pick-up from Airport or hotel when you arrive in Guangzhou....more
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